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Covid-19 Protocol

We are under strict regulations by our college, Ministry of Health, and the Chief Medical Officer. 

Guidelines are as follows for the Clinic:

  • RMTs must wear a surgical mask for the length of time they are in the clinic.
  • Fresh linens will be provided for each client.
  • RMTs are required to do a self Covid 19 screening between clients.
  • RMTs are required to complete the Infection Prevention and Control Course
  • An infection prevention and control log will be filled out for every time the clinic has been sanitized
  • There will be a log of people entering the clinic for contact tracing purposes (all information remains confidential)

Guidelines for the Clients:

  • You will receive an email asking you to fill out a Covid survey. It is mandatory for you to fill out in order to keep your appointment. A second survey will be done when you arrive at the clinic, before treatment.
  • When arriving at the clinic you must properly sanitize your hands and put on a mask if you have not done so already. 
  • You must come to the clinic with either a surgical or clean reusable mask and use it during the entire time at the clinic.
  • Clients are asked to come alone. If it is required to have someone accompany you, they are required to answer the Covid 19 screening.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 705-722-6502 or at [email protected]

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